So I knew York was old + I’d always meant to get out there but i just never did until The Bear went out there for a bike race, so i jumped at the chance to spend time wandering + exploring York. It’s a sleepy, tiny town at the foothills of some, well, hills, because that’s all there is in WA. There are noooooo mountains > there’s Bluff Knoll down in the Stirling Ranges near Albany but thats only 1,099 metres above sea level, laughable by world standards. Actually [off topic but i don’t care] ask anyone in WA what they think the highest mountain is + they’d say Bluff Knoll… Buuuut it’s actually Mount Meharry in beautiful Karinjini National Park up north near Kalbarri, as that’s 1,249 metres above le mer. But Bluff Knolll is a good ramble, anyone can do it and it doesn’t take long > and then you can say you climbed a mountain, woot woot. Plus, it’s pretty much the only place in WA that you can see snow… although you’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell at actually seeing it. 

> Anyhoo, i really, really, really loved walking around York. Wow, what a cool little town. I went antique shopping, ate a dirty big sausage roll from a bakery [pretty much the only thing pumping on a Sunday morning] + explored the old town hall + restaurants + the pub + some sheds + houses… i even went into a church + sat at the back. I used to go to church every single Sunday until i was 15 years old. Then one day, i just said to my parents [1 catholic, 1 salvation army whose dad was a pastor] that i was not going to go anymore. i didn’t understand the sermons + i hated the music [to this day i am a musical snob, which means that i judge people, yes their whole self, on account of their musical taste, it’s my dirty little shameful secret]. The church was great – it was really warming to hear people signing together, like they belong together… i only ever really see that connection these days at footy games.

> So go to York, it’s cool. It’s the oldest town inland from Perth, there’s some cool history i might add one day… or not. You might just have to Google it. But York is definitely worth a visit if you’ve lived in Perth all your life + never made in out there, or if you are visiting WA + want to see what our rural life looks like without having to go way out. Check out the price of property too, very cheap > I even saw myself living here… $280K for a 2-storey farmhouse? uber cool! But then again, i am a city girl so i’d probably go crazy… maybe once I’ve done a lot + all i want to do is read… + eat dirty big sausage rolls, i will move there.


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