Witchcliffe is tiny! I stopped here after a trip to Margaret River + decided to take some shots > it’s literally just a few streets surrounding the ‘main drag’ on Bussell Highway – about 290km south of Perth.

The last Census reveals that there’s about 350 people living in Witchcliffe + around 180 houses [with 60 of these unoccupied]. The town was built around the timber industry > the Witchcliffe sawmill was built in 1922 just east of town. There are heaps of cool caves in the area, most of which are open to the public > but the state government keeps closing them because, well, they can be quite dangerous.

Witchliffe is often overlooked by tourists passing through but I thunk it’s worth a pit-stop > there’s a cafe, service station, liquor store, restuarant, antique and art/craft shop… get out, stretch your legs, grab a pie + have a wander.

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