West Coast Highway > Perth

West Coast Highway is one of my favourite streets in Perth > i think it’s an institution in itself. It’s the street that I dreamed about living on for years – when I was younger that is, before I moved to the city! And before I knew anything about wages and property and inequality and broken dreams (haha).

These houses along the ‘highway’ are amazing > I see a new one every single time I drive along it – it’s great that way, an ever changing and fluctuating strip. Whenever we drive it, i stare at the houses + Marty stares at the water. I used to walk it every single night for years when I live in Watermans + Marmion, coastal suburbs which West Coast Highway runs through. I’ll do them one day, they’re mint.

> It’s part of the Sunset Coast Tourist Drive which runs from Swanbourne (further south, towards Fremantle) through City Beach, Scarborough and Trigg. It then becomes West Coast Drive from Trigg to North Beach, then Watermans Bay, then Marmion and onto Hillarys, Mullaloo and Ocean Reef. It’s a great drive and you can stop off at many points – just pull off to the side, easy! Or it’ll take you a few hours to walk it, with plenty of cafes along the way and decent public transport links at the chief ends (Hillarys and Scarborough).

The photos below were taken over a fair few sessions, one in 2008 when I took some shots on a real rainy day with my old handheld Canon Powershot point n’ shoot (haha) and more recent ones my Canon EOS in 2014-19. I plan to add many, many shots to this gallery, it’ll no doubt be my biggest as this really is an ever-changing outdoor gallery for me! i do love that huge big Malamute just below, what a beauty.

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