Wembley is well regarded. It’s a few kilometres west + juuuust a little bit north of the Perth CBD. It’s about halfway between the city + the beach, so it’s part of our affluent ‘western suburbs’ but it’s still got that inner-city vibe with key streets like Cambridge + Grantham hosting shops, pubs + eateries. I knew a guy called Marcus from uni who lived here with his family + it was an amazing, old, huge family house with a backyard, two stories, cool layout + rooms, plus gorgeous trees. It always wowed me.

Wembley features lovely Lake Monger [i often walk around here + listen to podcasts] + it backs onto Hersdman Lake. The suburb is very green, i love the trees. It’s clean + very well-kept, most people take pride in their properties. About 55% are detached single houses + around 35% are apartments or flats but – like everywhere in Perth – that’s rapidly growing as the state govt drives density around the city. About 60% of its 10,000-odd residents are family households, whereas 35% are single households [the rest are grouped] – so mainly families with 2-3 kids or single professionals living in apartments.

> This completely makes sense – there aren’t a lot of options in terms of affordable accommodation that’s slightly bigger-than-an-apartment. There are 1-bedroom apartments but it’s almost impossible to find a reasonably-priced sized 2-3 bed. Hardly any villas/townhouses either. You need money to have space in Wembley – like most inner-city-ish places in Perth.

Wembley is a true neighbourhood, people love living here. There are lots of opportunities to renovate older ‘California Bungalow’ style homes that are all over Perth, or do a complete re-build of an old fixer-upper-er. Not much to fault in this fortunate Perth suburb! Go Wembley.

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