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Travel date > April 2014… I am gutted because we stumbled upon this suburb somewhere in Shinjuku, Tokyo + now we cannot figure out where it is exactly. It’s really bugging me as I usually take shots of some street signs as I like to be accurate. I should include GPS data on my camera so this doesn’t happen again. We are pretty sure it was in Sanchome 3, which is a district three out from the city centre, so that’s where the coordinates are for.

** Update Nov 2016… had a brainwave today – looked up a childcare centre from a telephone number below + found out exactly where this was, yay! That’s some sweet Nancy Drew shit right there!

It was fascinating to see where Tokyoites lived in dense city areas, we LOVED this area! Skinny little streets, tightly packed buildings, the grey colours with splashes of colour – like the pastel green couch or the fun colourful Keirin racing jumpers [like horse racing but with men on track bikes] hanging in the window of that apartment. It was so quiet + we definitely felt out of place > a feeling which i love when travelling.

I loved the political posters [there must have been an election happening – gee, i am so perspicacious!], the vending machines everywhere [yes it is true! but they don’t have bins anywhere except next to the vending machines, so i guess they encourage you to drink it then + there to minimise rubbish], the guy in the suit taking time out + exercising a little on the colourful slide + swings…

Every doorway I saw, i imagined that was the front door to my home + dreamt what it would feel like… Have a look at the sign – sort of towards the bottom – with the little girl on it and the wolf – what do you think that means? If anyone knows or speaks Japanese, please email me [] and tell me! It seems like some kind of stranger danger sign. Anyway, loved this area, hope you enjoy looking at the shots.

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