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Do yourself a favour if you’re in Paris… Escape the busy city and take a train to out to the 19th arrondissement [north east] + slide off at the Botzaris Metropolitain station, then wander around the streets of la Mouzaïa, otherwise known as the Quartier d’Amérique. Some say it’s called this because of the gympsum rock beneath the area was really great for building, so much so that they shipped some of it to America.

La Mouzaïa is a small Parisian neighbourhood on a hill. Its many little alleys [called ‘villas’] ramble up + down the hill + they’re jammed with petite dwellings that are well worth the visit. I struck up a conversation with an older French woman [you can see her a few shots down on the left; i didn’t want to cheapen our conversation by asking her for a photo at the end]. She was bubbly + kooky + a concert pianist who had moved to the area 15 years ago.

> She said all the houses in la Mouzaïa were sinking + the council + owners had to continuously repair them. She also said that the hill was quarried + all the rock was used to build the houses that were homes for the workers. So underneath the suburb is a big hole + that’s why they have all the shrinking + sinking issues.

The area is so peaceful > we came up out of the metro station + barely saw anyone except that woman + another couple [you can see them below] that were wandering around with their dog, looking at everything. We thought it’d be a real respite > we were in Paris a month after the Nice attack + so there were sirens + armed soldiers everywhere > + it was so eerily quiet but strangely we saw a van packed with soldiers + big guns walking around and door knocking. I guess the attacks left no part of Paris unexplored for potential threats.

> Anyway, enjoy the lanes, the gates, the windows, the greenery + the cats, sweet Buddha the cats! One cat in particular followed me, it was almost like he wanted to be a celebrity + get his photo taken. There were heaps of ‘missing cat’ posters too, meow, sad. It was great to peek thru the gates + look at the idiosyncrasies of the area. A very cool place, check it out > + yay, no tourists.

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