Port Bouvard



Port Bouvard is a marina suburb about 87km south-southwest of Perth + about 10km south of the ‘city’ of Mandurah. It’s Aboriginal name is Wannanup + it’s one of the four suburbs that lie on an island created when Dawesville Channel, a big man-made waterway to the ocean from all the ocean canals + canal houses. The boy and i popped down one day, trying to catch the last of the sun that season + a few fish – but alas, zero were caught. It was also bulk rubbish chuck out time, haha.

Port Bouvard is surrounded on three sides by water — the Indian Ocean to the west, the Harvey Estuary to the east and the Dawesville Channel to the south. If you live here, you’re minted. Lah-dee-dah! But there are other parts that are older, as you can see – the top section is the older section, the flash places are further down the page.

And you can see this in the shots – there were so many vacant blocks with boat trailers in them, the land being used temporarily by the neighbours for their nautical rigs. All the houses are very new, as the suburb is new – early 21st Century. Beautiful beaches are a shot walk from most homes. The Port Bouvard Marina is impressive – the canal townhouses reminded me of Europe, like an old Spanish or Italian river city. Make sure you scroll further down to see that. Made me miss Europe!

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