Perth suburb



I’ve lived in a lot of houses + suburbs but this is the best. My apartment is the top left image just below > the bottom left set of windows. Every Monday, Wednesday + Friday, the bin man comes at 7am [sometimes earlier, altho this is against the local law] and they open up those roller doors + he unloads the huge big bins into his truck > it’s so noisy, you have no chance of a sleep-in! It’s our first house together so we think it is hilarious [the bin thing], like something out of a movie… “Honey, remember our first house, when the bin man would wake us up every second day?” *Update*: he now comes in the middle of the day – yahoo!

Perth is so small > if you’re looking for a snapshot of the inner-city suburb area [on the fringes of the CBD area] then, this is it! There’s not much more than this. I do dream of living in bigger cities. One day.

> There are heaps of homeless, students, backpackers, indigenous + fringe-like people around my house – i guess that’s the city eh? Encounters with the less fortunate on a daily basis are good for me as they remind of just how fucking lucky i am… + it makes many of my problems seem ashamedly small.

Living in the city is bittersweet – there’s much more traffic, you’re further from the beach, it’s hotter [due to the urban ‘heat island’ effect], there is more ‘trouble’ – but I like the trouble because you see some interesting characters that remind you just how lucky you are. The traffic doesn’t really bother me as I cycle to work and walk everywhere else. I can get to the beach if I want + when I do it’s a special breakaway… plus nothing beats having the city buzz + a tonne of awesome food + bars at your doorstep.  That’s all I have to say at the moment.

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