Perth CBD



Aww, bless our little CBD! It’s so cute. Although it has grown up a lot in the last few years, Perth is still a town with a big country heart in many ways. It’s the closest gateway to Asia + Europe, so very important for Australia. We’re often called the ‘Wild West’ by our older, more developed + bigger cousin cities on the east coast. We do seem to do things differently over here! Much of Perth’s renaissance is due to Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi whose vision and decisions have paved the way for Perth to grow up + catch up. She activated the unused laneways, changed the liquor licensing policies which allowed more small bars + other bevy nooks to open up, helped bring great events to the city and is just generally pro-progress.

I often stroll into the City – even just for one thing, like a loofah or whatever – and grab some sushi at Taka’s in Shafto Lane (yum!) and a coffee from Little Willy’s (on William Street, Northbridge) along the way. I have a few favourite things that i like to look at, like the old ‘last drinks at The Palace Hotel’ photo from the 80s which is down in the safety despot box area of Bankwest’s St Georges Terrace branch [you gotta go downstairs, I’ll snap it one day for you]. The below is an on-going gallery of shots I’ve taken since 2007 > This will be a work in progress, as with all the suburbs near my home. I think it’s funny that I live in the world’s most isolated capital city > it’s a bittersweet experience, that’s for sure. But – it is what it is, and whatever it is, here it is…

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