Old Broome



Broome stole my family. Haha, kidding – sort of. When i was in my early teens, my cousins starting disappearing up there, as my uncle Bob had a deep sea fishing boat, so that life lured them (pardon the pun) up there. Then my little by brother went up there when he was around 16, he loved it + sure had some crazy adventures, many of those courtesy of my late cousin Daniel who was mad as a cut snake. Dan died jumping from the wharf to his fishing barge in Darwin last January, a step he’d taken many times in his career as a sea dog. But that’s another story.

Anyway, when i was 19 years old i came home from work + my mum + dad announced they were moving up there. See you later i said… I had just discovered real adult freedom, a proper paycheck + nightclubs, i wasn’t going anywhere, let alone to sleepy, tiny Broome.

So, Broome… it’s definitely worth the trip. There really is nothing like it in Australia, or the world. That fine red dirt [‘pindan’ – it gets everywhere] + the aqua ocean is hypnotic. It’s a dusty old country town + I’ve heard it was like a cowboy outpost thirty years ago, which i can imagine. They only just got a McDonald’s a few years ago [surely the signpost of modernity these days] + i think a set of traffic lights too, though maybe not, I’ll check that.

So there’s Old Broome, which i explored one hot day + took the shots below. I must admit, i usually do suburbs on foot but i only left my dad’s white Suzuki soft-top a few times. Old Broome is a bit rough; it’s where my bro and his family [Mrs + 3 kids] lived when they got their first house. Around the tourist areas it’s completely fine, i actually just felt a bit invasive to be honest, a white girl in bright white car shooting pics of houses. I don’t regret it, this is a documentary site + I’m always respectful. There were many cul de sacs where i felt a bit ‘trapped’ – + i guess I’d feel the same in Gosnells or Balga here in Perth. Check out this map on Google – the red bit is Old Broome. You can see beautiful Cable Beach where my dad lives metres from the beach + also Djugun, the newer suburb of Broome where my bro lives now. It’s expensive to live in Broome, so Old Broome is a great option for many.

This was a great few hours, i loved seeing the old style of houses + the bore stained fences, the quintessential Broome vegetation like boab trees + the ever-present bougainvillea. And trolleys, so many trolleys. The top section shows Town Beach with the tide out + the exposed mangroves. You can also see my dad’s white Suzuki [so Broome, love driving it when i come up] + me waving in the shadow. Love that old colourful truck parked there, dad said he’s been in Broome for years, sells shit at the markets or something. After that, u can see the caravan park overlooking Town Beach + then i head into the suburban streets of Old Broome.

I think it’s cool to show the non-Cable Beach side of Broome, glad i finally did this. Love the little girl on her bike + the bloke sitting next to his ‘tinny’ – see top.

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