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The lovely Northshore Estate is part of the Perth coastal suburb of Kallaroo, which according to the Google machine is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘road to the water’. And boy, it sure is! The ocean is about 200m away from the western perimeter, with only a road + some sand dunes separating it from some of the world’s best beaches. Everyone knows this bit of Kallaroo as Northshore.

> The suburb of Kallaroo is 22km from Perth’s CBD. It has just over 5000 people and sits between Hillarys and Mullaloo, with Craigie to the east. Northshore estate [a little coastal pocket lies between the Indian Ocean and Dampier Ave. Right in front is Whitfords Beach – a snow white sandy beach which is a hot spot for kite surfing and windsurfing. It’s also a dog beach + plenty of people parade their pooches here > we don’t take our little dog there tho – too many big dogs. In the carpark at Whitfords Beach, there’s usually a Mr Whippy van [a pink + white van that sells soft serve ice cream] + i remember me + my brother always nagging my parents to stop every time we drove past it. i freakin’ love that chocolate dip they cover those soft serve ice creams in! There’s a great tennis club called, you guessed it, Northshore Country Club. 

> The houses + blocks here are big + cost a lot > but as it’s only an estate within the larger suburb of Kallaroo, I won’t nerd you out with Census stats as they can’t be separated. But i think it’s safe to say that you need to be pretty well-off to live in Northshore! There’s tonnes of architect-designed mansions + heaps of them are three-storey. 

I remember being rather in awe of Northshore as a little kid > the houses were so big + i wondered what kinds of people lived in them + felt envious of the kids that got to go home to them every day.  i MUST go back + photograph the big, brown round house that captured my attention every time we drove past it > you can see it from Northshore Drive > i can’t believe I didn’t get it this time around.

Life’s a Beach – in Northshore anyways…

**Update** > My old friend [who now works at the Department of Housing] said that in 2007 a man murdered his wife in that big brown round house + in 2010 they knocked it down. Gee, cannot believe it’s been that long since I noted that I’ve seen it, time flies! PS > poor lady!

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