Menora is a small, leafy garden suburb of Perth, Western Australia + is about 4 kms north of WA’s capital city of Perth. > Came about in 1954 as a new off-shoot from the nearby suburb of Mount Lawley > Named in honour of an old theatre which was located within its borders. > Menora obviously also holds special significance for the local Jewish population – the “menorah” has been a symbol of Judaism since ancient times [a six-branched oil lamp] + is the emblem on the coat of arms of Israel. One of WA’s oldest synagogues can be found in Menora > An aerial view shows streets curving off Adair Parade to form a menorah shape [see here]. > Today, 8% of Menora is Jewish > See also Dianella here for a major Jewish suburb in Perth.

[Stats – if you’re keen!] > There are just under 3,000 people in Menora + the median age is 50 years. Kids under 14 years make up 15% of the population + people aged 65 years or older make up 34%. Loads of seniors + a fair few young kids! > The most common ancestries in Menora are English 27%, Australian 25%, Irish 8%, Scottish 7.5% and Italian 7% – and about 70% of people are born here in Australia. > The most common responses for religion in Menora are Catholic 28%, No Religion 20%, Anglican 19% and Judaism 8%. > Of the families in Menora, 48% were couple families with children. > Of occupied private dwellings in Menora, 60% were separate houses and 27% were flats/apartments. > The average household size is 2.3 people with 61% of them family households. > 27% of households have a weekly household income of less than $600 and 22% have a weekly income of more than $3,000. > There are just three (yes, count them – 3 females) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Menora.

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