Lesmurdie has two attractions according to Trip Advisor, LOL. The first is some wildlife rehabilitation centre + number 1 [wait for it, drum roll] is Lesmurdie Falls, which is where the top few photos are from. It’s actually a really nice walk + being in ‘the hills’, it has great views of little ole Perth city, which is about 16km west. Our dog Junior loved the falls [really just a trickle of water down a hill, relative to real falls], as you can see.

There are around 9,000 humans living in the suburb of Lesmurdie + the median age is 42. Half of the households are couples with kids, 40% of them are couples without kids. Lesmurdie is a bloody great suburb, i loved taking these shots. The vegetation is gorgeous, very Western Australian but a nice mix of non-native palms + cool cacti.

But most of all, the mix of houses is mint – big + creepy ‘gingerbread’ lookin’ German beasts, contemporary architectural madness, boring old brick bush beauties, concrete Italian villas with expansive balconies + arches, and heaps more. 9%% of homes are detached houses + over 60% of them have 4 or more bedrooms.

I have heard that the people that live up here are fiercely protective of their way of life, and they’re quick to jump on you for a barking dog or for being noisy. Fair enough, if you head up to the hills to get the feck out of the city, then fair bump, play on. According to the real estate institute of WA [REIWA], the median house price in Lesmurdie is around $560,000 [mid 2018]. A big drop from $645,000 three years ago in mid 2015 – but hey, that happened all over Perth, including my apartment, so…

Anyway, i love so many of these houses – tho the one three down on the right, with the hole in the stone wall, is super intriguing. I can picture it being a storage space for tonnes of homemade passata. 2% or 166 people speak Italian after English, the second most spoken language after English.

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