Highgate is lovely! It’s the second smallest suburb in Perth – pop the coordinates above into Google + check it out – at about 400 square metres it’s tiny! [by the way, Kwinana town centre is the smallest suburb in Perth]. It was named after the village of Highgate in Kent, England. The houses are stunning + remind me a lot of South Freo [see here]. You can tell there’s a great deal of pride [and money] here in Highgate. Its cultural heart is the legendary Beaufort Street. Definitely worth a visit for a coffee, some shopping, amazing local food, maybe a show at The Astor Theatre… there’s great pubs, plus it’s home to Perth’s ‘underground’ radio station, RTRFM [tune into 92.1fm].

There are some images of Beaufort Street itself, then we head out into the suburban streets… I recommend doing the same if you’re visiting the area. Some of the top images you can see are from the Beaufort Street Festival – WA’s biggest street festival – which doesn’t happen anymore – it just got too big for little old Highgate!

> According to the City of Vincent, the subdivision of Highgate Hill was one of the first suburbs on the north side of Perth, back in about 1890. In 1884 the population of the Perth district was just over 6,000; by 1911 it had reached 87,000. I won’t get into the history too much… but the tall creamy tower you can see in many shots is the Lincoln Street Ventilating Tower, an art deco tower built in 1941 to vent sewage fumes. It’s 38metres tall – the second highest sewer vent in Australia [haha, classic]. Residents began to complain about the bad smell so – due to its poor design – it was cemented over + we stopped using it. BUT, it was used secretly as an antenna base by the Police Wireless Service during World War II. It juts out from many a vista to remind you of Perth’s young but interesting history. You can also see The Queens Hotel on Beaufort Street. Built 1897 as a private residence for John A Gent, it became a hotel from 1898 + was renovated in the ‘80s. It’s a local institution + a great historical pub.

About 40% of those in Highgate are aged 20 – 34 years and 40% are educated at a tertiary or technical institution. About 56% have never married. 46% of people were born in Australia; the next most common countries of birth were England 5.5%, Vietnam 3.5%, New Zealand 2.5%, India 2.5% and China 2%.  65% work full-time and 25% work part-time.  Half the dwellings are either a flat, unit or apartment > the remainder is split between stand alone houses or semi detached houses [like a townhouse]. Only 7% have 4 or more bedrooms – 36% have 2 bedrooms. About 60% of people rent in Highgate > I guess that’s why there’s a lot of young people living here. 48% of households have only one car – probably because parking [and space] really is at a premium.



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