Glenelg > Adelaide



The boy + i went to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under in January 2019 + of course, while we were there i explored the suburbs, including Glenelg, the heart of Adelaide’s beaches.

Glenelg is a great spot with a great vibe + very vast, inviting + long beaches with lovely sand + a fun jetty packed full of people + action. The shots below start off right in Glenelg, then go into South Glenelg and North Glenelg. We’d hired a car + cruised all up and down the coast. We also went a few kilomeres south to Holdfast Bay. So i just merged the album all together, fun! The light was pretty harsh, as it was the middle of the day – these aren’t the best pics technically, but hey, we had limited time.

i loved Adelaide + will definitely be back. What a lucky part of the world, especially these coastal ‘burbs. Perth’s West Coast Highway, my favourite street in the world, is changing som fast + there are so many McMansions going up, so it’s great to see Adelaide treasuring their old places.

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