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I’d been to Spain before in 2007 on my big backpacking trip – but not to Girona. We went there for the cycling shops + culture + the architecture, a 45 or so minute train ride north west of Barcelona.

Loved the pants off Girona! An old walled city where Spanish rivers meet, Girona is one of the major Catalan cities. My cycling-mad hubby wanted to visit the Service Course [bike workshop + shop] that’s legendary, so we did. Girona is a base for cycling pros who traverse the Spanish costa brava interior for peak training but also recreation. We sat down next to a couple of pros post ride whilst hanging out at La Fabrique, the Service Course’s cafe.

i won’t go into the history of this great little city but – like many places in Catalonia – it swapped rulers over the years + you can see the Moorish + the Christian influence in its stunning architecture. The Girona Cathedral was once a mosque + the site of a Game of Thrones episode. This place is so Game of Thrones! There’s also a lot of Jewish history here, as many Jews were told to convert or get the fuck out – way back in 1492 – long before a wee drug-addled man called Hitler started running amok.

We walked around the city centre bit then went up into the suburban hills, which was great! It was stinking hot so the pics are a bit blown out but you get a good sense of the suburban life. There’s great views from the old walls around the city + a good opportunity to do a bit of house creeping, hee hee. Anyway, don’t hesitate – Girona is definitely worth going.



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