>Dianella is about 9km north-east of the Perth CBD. It’s home to the 3 commercial television stations operating in Perth – Channels 7, 9 and 10. I remember driving past the signage as a kid and being blown away – “Wow, is that where Fat Cat lives?!” [Google Fat Cat if you don’t know who he is, I was obsessed with him as a kid]. There’s a bunch of Iwan Iwanoff [world class architect] homes in Dianella that I need to come back to do – maybe make a day out of doing all of them over Perth.

It was named after the botanical title of a small blue lily, Dianella revoluta, that was common in the area. The land that now forms Dianella was originally distributed to settlers between 1829 and 1930, although early development was slow because the sandy soil was deemed unsuitable for agriculture.  Dianella was subdivided in the 1880s but the sandy soil of the Banksia plain still hindered growth. By 1919, the only development in Dianella was along Walter Road, which was then a track leading to dairy farms in the Morley area. Moo…. > The different localities were amalgamated to form Dianella in 1958 and so the ’60s saw Dianella progress; character of housing ranges from modest post-war homes to large, modern two storey dwellings. > Housing construction began north from Walter Road and Grand Promenade, with St Andrews and Dress Circle Estates being the last major areas to be developed in the early 2000s.

> The area is mainly low-medium residential with a broad mix of housing including old homes on full 600-800sqm blocks, both old and new villas on subdivided land, and newer mansion-style homes in more recently developed areas. > There are some distinct areas in Dianella. In the southern part of the suburb, there is a pocket referred to by locals and real estate agents as the ‘Golden Triangle’ (between Morley Drive, Alexander Drive, and Cresswell Road) which is favoured for its elevated views. In the northern part of the suburb, there are sought after estates including Dress Circle, St Andrews, and Montclair, all of which were developed much later in the suburb’s history and are generally full of more modern single and double storey homes.

Dianella lies at the heart of Perth’s small Jewish community with around 1500 Jews. Perth is the 3rd largest Jewish community in Australia; numbers are estimated at about 7000-8000 members across Western Australia.  Most (est. 100,000) live in Sydney and Melbourne. See also Menora here. > One third of Dianella is Catholic. > In Dianella, 56% of people were born in Australia + the most common countries of birth after this are England 5%, South Africa 4%, Vietnam 3.5%, Italy 3% and India 2.5%.

> Dianella has a few small parks + the big Dianella Regional Open Space in its heart of the suburb which provides a central focus for the community and is a significant landscape feature + heaps of sports are played there. It has a community recreation centre, soccer field and tennis courts. I read somewhere that 15% is dedicated to green open space. Nice. 


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