City Beach



City Beach is a beachside suburb of Perth [no? really?!] about 11km from the city centre > a bloody nice suburb if you can afford it – obviously! The median house price is about $1.7million + it sits next to the Indian Ocean. > City Beach consists of three sections: a northern section (bordering Scarborough Beach + its suburb), a central section (bordering the suburbs of Wembley Downs and Floreat) + a southern section (bordering gorgeous Bold Park).

City Beach is also a beach within the suburb + it’s gorgeous, plus it has a dog beach that parades many a fine pooch! I prefer to take my little dog there, as he’s small + gets along better with these toffy-nosed dogs, versus the big brutes down at Hillarys dog beach (bull terriers, rough staffys, etc). You can see the tall blue shark spotting tower in some of the shots at the top of the page; the main swimming + surfing area is protected between two groynes + is overlooked by lawns (you can see that too). There’s an active surf lifesaving club and beach volleyball in the summer. The suburb also contains yet another popular beach used by Perth called Floreat Beach – I really need to get some shots of this beach, as it’s City Beach below [stay tuned]. In the middle of winter, both beaches are cracking surf spots!

> Settlement of the area dates from the 1840s. Growth was minimal until the early 1900s when the City of Perth purchased land with the intention of building a seaside town along garden city lines – thus linking the City with the ocean beach. Land was subdivided + gradually built on during the late 1920s and 1930s. More substantial development took place during the 1950s, prior to the 1962 Commonwealth (Empire) Games, when an athletes’ village was constructed. Some growth continued through to the 1970s. The population declined slightly between 1991 and 2006, + then increased slightly between 2006 and 2011.

Looking at the stats, there are 6,354 people in City Beach – almost an equal split of men and ladies – and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up 0.1% of the population – only 6 individuals. The median age is 44 years. Children aged 0 – 14 years make up 20% of the population and people aged 65 years and over make up 21%. City Beach has 66% of its people born in Australia (next is England at 8%); the most common ancestries are English 30%, Australian 25%, Irish 8%, Scottish 7% and Italian 4%.

Most people in City Beach are professionals or managers and working in the legal, education and accounting sectors, and also architectural, engineering and technical services. No surprises then that City Beach dwellers earn well > the median weekly family income for couples without kids is $3,354 (WA average: $2,257) – and with kids it’s $3,656 (WA average: $2,497).

In February 2012, The Town of Cambridge endorsed a concept that will see City Beach developed into a parkland and restaurant precinct with an iconic surf club building replacing the old City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club (COPLSC) building. Not sure when this will occur though.

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