Cape Peron



Cape Peron is about an hour’s drive south of Perth. The white man says that it’s named after the French naturalist and zoologist François Péron, who sailed here in 1801. Cape Peron is a headland in the City of Rockingham, at the southern end of Cockburn Sound, and it contains the suburb of Peron [gazetted in 1974], a special part of WA.

> In the 2011 Census, there were 41 people recorded in Peron that evening. I didn’t get everywhere but i think there’d only be a couple of hundred shacks in the area.

I – as well as thousands of kids in Perth over the years – know it as ‘Point Peron’ because this is where we all went to camp in school. I think i had my Year 10 and Year 11 camps here – tho that was over 20 years ago. I remember laughing so hard with my mate that i wet my pants, jumping off the top bunk + popping my seriously anal + seriously uptight mate’s sleeping bag cover – she was not happy. Ahhh, good times.

The water down this way is mint > you can see some of the shots at the end of the series. Gee-willakers, it’s gorgeous. There was a cool guy in what looked like a suit fishing, a few SCUBA divers, a couple of firemen doing drills up and down the lookout, heaps of walkers out and about. Cracking day too, weather was outstanding.

So The Boy said to get down here to see the old shacks, so we did > but then the holiday area, like a shanty town [pictured below] doesn’t allow dogs so little Junior couldn’t come in + hence The Boy waited outside. I saw a few people whilst wandering thru, a guy fixing a lightbulb, another old man walking into his shack + a couple of young mums with some kids chilling out on the grass.

Just off the coast is Garden Island, a military base + access across the man-made causeway is obviously restricted. You can see a World War II observation post on the hilltop – some say that it’s haunted. A state government proposal [on this public land] for an extensive private residential canal + marina redevelopment – called Mangles Bay Marina – has caused much controversy among the local community with several groups opposing it. I can see why. Check out the ‘Hands Off Point Peron’ website [here].

It’s well worth the short drive > the limestone coastline offers awesome snorkelling + there’s a 60m snorkelling circuit [underwater of course!] that points out some of the features + changing zones. Actually I remember first trying snorkelling here at camp when i was a kid > man was it the weirdest! I don’t think i left the shallows, pretty lame for someone who wanted to be a Marine Biologist. Though my mum did make me watch Jaws, saying [+ i quote] that it’d help me confront my fear of sharks + get over it. Boy was she wrong. Just made it worse. It’s also a special spot for the indigenous people with its limestone caves. Naturally it’s an all year round great fishing spot as the fish love to hide in the jagged limestone crevices. Enjoy!

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