Bayswater is 6km northeast of Perth’s CBD. The suburb developed along the Perth-to-Midland rail line [opened 1891]. Bayswater has some interesting heritage areas + pockets of suburban design from the 80s + bigger contemporary homes. The style of housing is really broad so it’s well worth a stroll.

Bayswater is a suburb renowned for its lovely older homes + most would consider it a great place to bring up a family. It’s got your usual inner-city-ish stuff like restaurants, shops + cafes in its small town centre. There are shops around Bayswater Village shopping centre + some apres-dark spots like the old Bayswater Hotel (1898).

There are gorgeous parks for furry babies or kids + lovely strolling around the river [it’s only 100m wide here but still mint]. The train line stops here at two stations + it only takes 11 minutes to get to the city.

You need a decent pot of money to live here > the median house price in 2016 = $587,000. Most of Bayswater’s houses are 3+ bedrooms on good sized blocks, so this amount of space near the city comes at a price. There are families here seeking space, there are older couples that have enjoyed Bayswater’s space + leafy streets for years + there are younger ‘DINKS’ [double income no kids] + ‘DILDOS’ [double income little/large dog owners] galore.

The mix of people is as mixed as the houses + dwellings > Bayswater is far from consistent. I need to go back + do more!

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