Us three went here for Easter 2017 + had a ball. It’s about 3.5 hours drive from Perth + founded in 1830 when English Captain Stirling settled further south after he thought that the Swan River colony near Perth was too crowded. Today there are less than 1500 people living here – i thought it’d be more.
We stayed in a cosy bush shack + i painted all morning with Junior, while he rode the bush tracks. Then we’d have lunch + in the afternoon, we’d explore places like Augusta – he’d fish while i’d read + take photos.

Augusta is the most south-western town in Australia. i came here as a kid for a couple of family holidays with ‘The Corbetts’, it was cool, though we stayed in Hamelin Bay really, not Augusta. When i think of Augusta i think of whale watching, old people [a lot of them settle down here; the media age is 59] + the mighty Southern Ocean. Nearby is the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse, which is worth a visit – it’s the most south-westerly point on the mainland of Australia, + where the Great Southern meets the Indian Ocean, very cool. Loads of good coastline + fishing near Augusta. He caught some great salmon – about 8 big ones off a deserted beach [the shots at the bottom].

The town itself is pretty sleepy but a great stop for a sausage roll + to watch the windsurfers – there are heaps [mint winds from the south]. The housing mix + the arrangements of blocks on the rugged landscape is interesting. Plenty of styles + materials. 96% of the people living in Augusta are either Aussie, English, Scottish or Irish born. The rest is mostly German – there’s a yellow house below that looks super German to me.

Jewel Cave is very cool – a pretty + easy-to-do cave near Augusta. There are heaps of driving + cycling + walking tracks through the Boranup Forest – amazing trees, great spot to soak up the energy + awe of nature. We’ll head back to Augusta soon, no doubt.

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