Surprise, surprise, Ascot was named after Ascot Racecourse, the main feature of the area which has been used for horseracing since 1848. The other horse racing track is Belmont + Perth racing alternates between the two seasonally. A lady gardening out front of her house asked me what I was doing taking pictures of houses – surprisingly, this is the only time I’ve ever been asked this. This is why I like to take my fluffy white dog, it looks more legit. I told her it was a uni assignment > she was cool with that. Then I asked her if she pronounced it “Ascett” like the English do, or “Ascott” like we do here in Western Australia. She looked at me blankly like I was a bit mental + said “Ascott”. It does shit me that the English say “Askett”, so I had to ask + I wanted it straight from the horse’s mouth – ha.

Ascot is a narrow strip of land along the southern bank of the Swan River, about 10km upstream from Perth’s CBD. It has many wide lanes marked on the side of the roads – for horses, how cool. You can see a happy young lady riding her horse at the top there. Ascot is right by the river, there’s loads of trees, horse floats, huge sheds, big blocks, old houses [wish I knew more about architectural styles to tell you more… maybe I should learn more about that actually], horse manure on the road, trucks… this is the ‘horsey’ bit of Ascot anyway, the residential stables precinct.

> The other part of Ascot is the estate called Ascot Waters > a completely different world from the ‘horsey’ bit and only a kilometre or so away. Ascot Waters has its own marina + it’s the gateway to the upper reaches of the Swan. It’s a major urban renewal and open space project which – in about 1994 – saw the conversion of a disused industrial site, clay-pit, drive-in cinema + rubbish tip into this residential community + river marina. It’s a touch ‘cookie cutter’ for me + very swanky but also very pleasant + peaceful > hey, smoke if you got ’em. I did hear someone belting out George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ which I thought was brilliant.

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