My friend Jackie lives in Ardross [it’s about 8km from Perth city] + I had always admired the suburb, so one Saturday we strolled around its streets. It was named by a Scottish bloke who acquired the land in 1896 in addition to Applecross next door. When he subdivided these two suburbs, he created ‘Ardross Street’ – + this is where the suburb gets it name, after either a Scottish town or castle.

Ardross sits on a wee peninsula – together with Mt Pleasant [you can check out my Mt Pleasant album here] and Applecross – that juts into the Swan River.

It’s not as well known as Mt Pleasant or Applecross; a lot of Perth people probably don’t know where it is exactly. Yet it has access to all the same amenities and it’s also spacious + green + leafy + pretty dreamy.

The blocks are quite large + the old 1960s-built houses have either been demolished + replaced with modern two-storey family homes, or have been completely refurbished + renovated. Every house is stunning in its own way. Such wow. There isn’t a lot of subdivided blocks – I think the City of Melville changed the zoning laws so that the big beautiful blocks couldn’t be subdivided, love it. There are very few sites that have more than two houses on a block – 90% of dwellings are separate houses. And get this – 46% of houses have four or more bedrooms, mental. I love the City of Melville building too; there’s a couple of shots of it in the middle bit, it’s the one with the big triangle point bit + three flags, very cool.

Applecross Senior High School, which is actually in Ardross, is one of the southern suburb’s most sought-after public secondary schools.
 The river is 10 minutes walk away and the cycle tracks are also pretty good [Perth is made for cycling!].

It’s pretty hilly, for Perth anyway haha, + there’s one big hill that’s a special drawcard – Wireless Hill. The navy used it in both world wars for communications. It’s listed as a heritage site + the City of Melville, the local council, has done it up really well, definitely worth a look for a picnic + it’s got great views of the river and city. If you’re one of those wildflower people then get up there in spring. All in all, Ardross is a very, very nice place to live.

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