went for another river walk with the boys – marty + junior – for a few good hours, all around applecross.

I love this suburb so much + so does Perth. Just like nearby Ardross that i did, it takes its name from Scotland. The Census site is down [surprise, surprise] so i can’t check out some good info but obviously it’s a very affluent suburb. You can see some images of the South of Perth Yacht Club + the Applecross tennis club + the epic houses! Monsters! At the time of writing this [November 2018] the median house price is $900,000. Eeeeek.

I’m pretty sure Applecross is where the legendary Heath Ledger used to live too. There are heaps of gorgeous Jacaranda trees too, which i went back to get them on a second run before they all stopped flowering in the super summer heat. We often walk along the riverside as Junor loves wading in the shallow soft water.

Loved this shoot – seeing the guys play tennis with the houses in the background, the huge and interesting range of vegetation, the city views, the sculptures + the way the people enjoyed the area. Just adore the mix of well-kept old places + the new ones too.

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