Rockingham Beach Road

So we’ve driven down here heaps when we’ve hung out at Cape Peron (i did a suburb album here) + fished at Rockingham, AKA the ‘swingin’ Pig’. It’s about 50km south of Perth. The houses along this road have always caught my eye, so took my camera this time – but the light was still too harsh, but fuck it, i took the shots anyway. It really starts along The Esplanade, and then goes into Rockingham Beach Road.

i love the shot of the two people hanging out front, they yelled out g’day etc to me + so i asked them to pose + the guy lifted his t-shirt – hilarious. This is currently Mark McGowan’s [WA’s premier] seat. Makes me LOL, not quite sure why. You can see the industrial stuff too, a big part of Rockingham. You can see the blue + white ship-loading facility at Kwinana in the background; they load grain here. Anyway, enjoy.

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