South Fremantle



Fremantle, or ‘Freo’ is Perth’s port city, and South Freo, is well, south of the main city. > Fremantle isn’t really a city – but it is by Perth/Western Australian standards. It’s got a fun mix of students, old sea dogs and bar flys, artists and arty types, young and old, plus plenty of backpackers and tourists. There are heaps of lovely buildings and – well, it’s worth a visit. But hey, this fine autumn day I walked South Fremantle, so let’s get into that.

South Fremantle is 19km from the Perth CBD (about 10 minutes walk from Fremantle) and has a population of 3,000 people. 40% of them are aged 40-65 years and also married. A quarter of people went to university, 75% of South Freo was either born in Australia or England. > The most common ancestries in South Fremantle are English 31%, Australian 20%, Irish 10%, Scottish 8% and Italian 6%. There are 9 male and 23 female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. 40% of them say theory have no religion and 20% say they’re Catholic. 2% are Buddhists. Half of South Freo is either a professional or a manager.

> Due to Freo’s history, South Freo has heaps of great old and renovated houses. Others not renovated and ready to collapse, but still occupied. And majorly expensive mansions. The median house price is $850,000 (Perth’s is about $500,000) and the median weekly personal income for people aged 15 years and over in South Fremantle is $715 (for families it is $2,000).  

It’s a great place to walk around, you really got to see it. There are many street verge gardens and chairs and tables out on the front lawns > just looking at it makes me think there is a really great neighbourhood culture. On the verge there are heaps of garden beds – Freo is full of hippies! > These are well-off hippies that seem to love living off their land, as out back there are veggie patches and fruit trees. We even spied a book library, where they must drop off books they don’t want, and you can grab one too, for free. Big blocks, a mix of old and new, money money money… but with a great sense of community and connection with the earth and the nearby ocean. You can just walk a few hundred metres and you’re on the beautiful beach. > If you go to Freo, then walk south and then inland when you hit the  Fremantle Yacht Club, have a wander and go home inspired. 

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